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Photo Gallery

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Spring 2017: Steven built us a new Jam shelf!

Summer 2016: Raspberries and currants, yum! But don't take our word for it, come taste them for yourselves.

Early Summer 2016 brought drought-like conditions requiring us to help mother nature.

During the Winter of 2015-2016 Steven built a grow room for Tammy to start all the plants that will grow in the gardens.

From sunrise to sunset nature gifts us with beauty.

Fall 2015: Garlic Planting; While down planting the garlic we were able to harvest an abundance of organic apples from the old family orchard.

Summer 2015: Oh how the gardens grew,
and before we knew it the season came to an end.

Summer 2015: You are never too young to learn something new. ;)

Summer 2015: Honey Bees became a new addition to Veggie Trail!

July 11, 2015: Celtic Concert

June 2015: This is a job that never ends. It goes on and on my friend... Almost everything is in and growing, but it's a constant battle of man versus weed.

April 2015: Uncovering the Garlic

February 2015: Pre-Valentine's Dinner

Winter 2014: Christmas Trees

October 2014: Planting Garlic

The 2014 Growing Season was unusually cold and wet, but the gardens thrived, as well as those pesky weeds. The Battle of Man vs. Weeds & Bugs is endless.

Spring 2014, Uncovering the Garlic:
It promises to be a good crop again this year.

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