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Winter 2012 - Spring 2014

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Fall 2012: Planting the Garlic
planting Bedding Garlic Garlic Beds

Winter 2012: Christmas Trees
Christmas Trees raining reindeer

Spring 2013: Uncovering the Garlic
uncovering garlic uncovering garlic uncovering garlic

Burdock and Thistles are gone, and the gardens are in, but weeding was an ongoing endeavour in 2013.
clean field clean field

Tammy:   "In everything this project has been a family affair. Thank you, Jack, for your invaluable assistance in taming the wild and helping chip all the brush. Cecelia and Gary, thank you for your invaluable help in leveling the driveway. Steven, you are a force to be reckoned with! Someday I hope we can relax and enjoy this too."

We lay down the driveway, put in the parking-lot, and built the vegetable stand in time for us to open on June 20, 2013:
 driveway work driveway work driveway work
Stand Move Stand WIP Finished

Spring 2013: Regardless of the wacky weather, and a war of the weeds, the crops grew and produced.
Growing crops. Turkey!

Summer 2013: The produce filled all the shelves.
Inside the vegetable stand. Garlic A wide variety of squashes.

2013: We were surrounded by new and old friends.

Fall 2013: Before we knew it, it was already autumn and the harvest was in full swing.
Pumpkins! The stand in fall decor. More pumpkins!

October 2013: Garlic planting
Planting Garlic Planting Garlic Planted Garlic

Late November 2013: The Christmas trees arrived with a ton of snow
Tree Arrival 2013 Tree Arrival 2013

Gathering: 2013 Christmas Tree-Trimming Party
Christmas 2013 Christmas 2013 Christmas 2013

Spring 2014, Uncovering the Garlic:
It promises to be a good crop again this year.

Furnishings have begun to settle into their new homes

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