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Catered Events

Our location holds a maximum of 16 for a cloth service meal, but we are equipped to cater larger parties off-site. We have served buffet style for weddings, receptions, and wakes. You can choose a three or four course, or something more simple as a finger-food buffet and cup of hot soup. The options are endless, ask, and we will tailor the event to your needs.


Private Parties

There is a minimum charge of $400 or 10 people for a private booking for either Lunch or Dinner, and the party must be booked in advance. There are lots of menus to choose from, so the final cost will be negotiated at time of booking.

Our dining room holds 14-16 people quite comfortably, and can be stretched to service 20 with the addition of an extra table. In the case of a large group, the soup and salad will be served at the table, but the main course and desserts will be set up buffet style. There are lots of menus to choose from. Prime Rib, Braised Lamb, Osso Bucco, and Chicken & Ribs being some of the favourites. These are usually four course meals: soup, salad, the main course, and a selection of desserts. Steven's mile-high lasagna, with noodles made from scratch, is another favourite three course meal, but the sky is the limit on what menu suits your purposes. Steven is a wizard in the kitchen, and he'll make you anything.

Occasional Pudding Dragon's Tea Trio House Concert
Calum Graham House Concert
Christmas 2013 Thanksgiving 2013

We look forward to serving you.
Thanking you in advance,
Steven Baker & Tammy Bannon

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