It always starts in the grow room, then moves out to the green houses before being transplanted into the gardens…

Once transplanted, they grow bigger

2018 Was a tasty year. 150 Varieties of tomato, 6 types of egg plant, hot peppers, sweet peppers, potatoes & squash… yum!


All our heirloom plants are all started from seed in our sprouting room located on the 3rd floor of the house. Peppers & Eggplants in January, and Tomatoes are staggered through February & March.

In 2017 we added another greenhouse to accommodate the seedlings when they are kicked out of the house in April. It’s tough love, but we need to harden them off and make room for the next wave of plants.

We have an open door policy, so feel free to stop by and see the progression.

Once all chance of frost is gone, all those plants are transplanted into the earth where they grow to maturity. Patience is required. Especially this year. 2017 Was a record setting wet & cold year with localized flooding and several hail storms. Lucky for us we had someone looking out for us.

When all was said and done, there was a jungle of deliciousness out there begging to be picked. Yum!

Year #5 at this location
Year #22 for Veggie Trail Farms


Our first greenhouse, spring 2016,
to house the plants when they were kicked out of the house

2016 Brought drought like conditions to most of Eastern Ontario.
It required some new equipment so we could help mother nature out.

All considering, we had a great year, and everything tasted great!
In a dry year, all the sugars are concentrated in the fruits and vegetables. Yum!

Year #4 North of Bells Corners
Year #21 for Veggie Trail Farms


This is a job that never ends. It goes on and on my friend…

In staying with our first tradition: Garlic.
This crop was planted in the fall of 2014 & uncovered in the spring 2015.

Everything is in and growing, but it’s a constant battle of man versus weed.

But there is always time to have a little fun… with another new tradition at Veggie Trail Farms – an outdoor Celtic concert with our friendly musicians “Occasional Pudding.”

 2015 Brought Honey Bees to the property
These hives are owned by the Ottawa Community Beekeepers and are here to teach people more about bees and how they are managed. While here, they do a fabulous job of pollinating our gardens.

After 2 Years of adding tons of compost, the gardens were more productive.

Garlic time again. While we were down at the farm, we were able to harvest an abundance of organic apples from the old family orchard.

Before we knew it the season came to an end, again.
Year #3 at our present location
Year #20 for Veggie Trail Farms


Beauty surrounds us.
All we need to do is take the time to look, feel the warmth of the sun or a kiss from the wind…

Through the eyes of a child everything is exciting and new.

A new beginning

On April 22nd, 2013 we first set foot on this property.
On the premise that our lease would be signed, and we would be ready to open for business July 1st, we started the clean up…

What a mess! Where do we start? Are we nutz?

First we pulled all the thistle and burdock, racked the land to collect all those nasty seeds, then broke ground.

Then we had to tear down the stand from the old location, and re-build it at the new one. That required a driveway & parking-lot.

Well, we managed to get it all done, planted our first gardens and
opened for business June 20th. The gardens grew and flourished,
but so did the weeds.

Before we knew it, it was already autumn and the harvest was in full swing.

 In keeping with our first tradition – Garlic, we made the trek down to the family farm to plant the crop right after Thanksgiving.

Our first Christmas, and the trees arrived just in time for a storm.

But the weather didn’t stop our newest tradition: A tree trimming party.

Year #1 at our new location: Done
Year #18 for Veggie Trail Farms


December 2012 signaled our last year at the Woodroffe location,
but the powers that be sure rained on our parade…

In remembrance of my father Joseph T. Bannon, Tammy’s father, and to  celebrate the new partnership between Steve and Tammy, they heeded his advice and planted garlic down at the Baker family farm.

It very quickly became an annual tradition with sentimental memories.
I miss you dad. 🙂

Year #17 for Veggie Trail Farms