Your host, Steven Baker, was born and raised on a 90 acre hobby farm in the Greater Nappane region. He left the farm to pursue his passion for food and worked in all areas of the Food Service Industry for 25 years. As our resident Chef, Steven has returned to his grass roots to grow the food he cooks. “Nature makes the food,” he’ll tell you, it’s his job not to mess it up.

The old family farm remains an integral part of our farm community.


Your hostess, Tammy Bannon, was born and raised in Toronto, a suburban environment. She always dreamed of living on a farm, and found a little bit of country right here in the city of Ottawa. The road-side stand started with her children selling raspberries at the end of the driveway, then grew into a full-fledged vegetable stand. In 2013 Veggie Trail relocated to this location south of Bells Corners where it expanded to include a private dining room along with a Bed & Breakfast. Tammy has been operating Veggie Trail Farms for the past 22 years, making home-made jams, farming the land, and rounding things out for the retail aspect of the vegetable stand with fresh local produce and meats.

Both Steven and Tammy felt a call to feed the masses, and this project is the culmination of both their dreams, and the venue to fulfill that calling.