A new beginning

On April 22nd, 2013 we first set foot on this property.
On the premise that our lease would be signed, and we would be ready to open for business July 1st, we started the clean up…

What a mess! Where do we start? Are we nutz?

First we pulled all the thistle and burdock, racked the land to collect all those nasty seeds, then broke ground.

Then we had to tear down the stand from the old location, and re-build it at the new one. That required a driveway & parking-lot.

Well, we managed to get it all done, planted our first gardens and
opened for business June 20th. The gardens grew and flourished,
but so did the weeds.

Before we knew it, it was already autumn and the harvest was in full swing.

 In keeping with our first tradition – Garlic, we made the trek down to the family farm to plant the crop right after Thanksgiving.

Our first Christmas, and the trees arrived just in time for a storm.

But the weather didn’t stop our newest tradition: A tree trimming party.

Year #1 at our new location: Done
Year #18 for Veggie Trail Farms