This is a job that never ends. It goes on and on my friend…

In staying with our first tradition: Garlic.
This crop was planted in the fall of 2014 & uncovered in the spring 2015.

Everything is in and growing, but it’s a constant battle of man versus weed.

But there is always time to have a little fun… with another new tradition¬†at Veggie Trail Farms – an outdoor Celtic concert with our friendly musicians “Occasional Pudding.”

 2015 Brought Honey Bees to the property
These hives are owned by the Ottawa Community Beekeepers and are here to teach people more about bees and how they are managed. While here, they do a fabulous job of pollinating our gardens.

After 2 Years of adding tons of compost, the gardens were more productive.

Garlic time again. While we were down at the farm, we were able to harvest an abundance of organic apples from the old family orchard.

Before we knew it the season came to an end, again.
Year #3 at our present location
Year #20 for Veggie Trail Farms