Jams by Farmerella


Blackberry (500 ml bottles only)
BooBarb (Wild Blueberry + Rhubarb) 500 ml bottles only
BooBerry (Wild Blueberry + Strawberry) 500 ml bottles only
Hot Peach (Peach + Orange Habanero Peppers) 250 ml & 500 ml bottles – This batch turned out very mild, but tastes great as a glaze on meats.
Peach (500 ml bottles only)
Raspberry –  PLAIN RED IS SOLD OUT but there is still:
90% Seedless Raspberry (250 ml & 500 ml bottles) – Made with early raspberries which were smaller and sweater due to the drought conditions at that time. Some of their small seeds escaped our filtering process.
Red & Black Raspberry (250 ml & 500 ml bottles) – Again, these berries were early season when conditions were dry. The black raspberries, from our garden, are wild in their flavor & the red very sweet
Yellow & Red Raspberry (250 ml & 500 ml bottles) – The yellow raspberries, from our gardens, have smaller seeds and a milder flavor combined with fall red raspberries which taste rather wild making this a blend with fewer seeds
Strazberry (Strawberry + Raspberry) 500 ml bottles only
(500 ml bottles only)
Strawberry-Rhubarb (500 ml bottles only)
Sour Cherry (250 ml & 500 ml bottles)
Very Berry (Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry & Blackberry) 500 ml bottles
Wild Peach (Peach & Wild Blueberry) 500 ml bottles only
Wild Blueberry (250 ml & 500 ml bottles)


Black Currant Jelly (250 ml & 500 ml bottles)
Blackberry Jelly (250 ml & 500 ml bottles)
Cherry Jelly (250 ml & 500 ml bottles)
Empire (Apple) Jelly (500 ml bottles)
Mulled Empire Jelly (250 ml & 500 ml bottles)
Raspberry Jelly (250 ml & 500 ml bottles)
Strawberry Jelly – SOLD OUT but there will be more 🙂
Wild Grape Jelly (250 ml)

Updated January 16, 2019


“Farmerella” started out as a joke twenty odd years ago: Cinderella – Farmerella, giggle, giggle, giggle… Everyone knows that all fairy tails require a prince & a happily ever after, and this garden girl was no exception.  So, when Farmerella met the Chef, and discovered they both shared a passion for food it didn’t take long to put two and to together to create a magical wonderland North of Bells Corners called Veggie Trail Farms.

The secret ingredient in our jam is Love. It is immeasurable, as is our passion to provide good food and a smackerel of something sweet to tickle your tummy.

Tammy & Steve (AKA Farmerella and the Chef)