Jams by Farmerella

“Farmerella” started out as a joke twenty odd years ago: Cinderella – Farmerella, giggle, giggle, giggle… Everyone knows that all fairy tails require a prince & a happily ever after, and this garden girl was no exception.  So, when Farmerella met the Chef, and discovered they both shared a passion for food it didn’t take long to put two and to together to create a magical wonderland North of Bells Corners called Veggie Trail Farms.

The secret ingredient in our jam is Love. It is immeasurable, as is our passion to provide good food and a smackerel of something sweet to tickle your tummy.

Tammy & Steve (AKA Farmerella and the Chef)


I’m afraid that Farmerella found herself too busy with the harvest and stand to keep up with the jams. She did however, pack away all the fruits in her freezer to make them all for December when we open again with Christmas trees. As they are make, this list will be updated. You are more than welcome to get them fresh from the kitchens, just call ahead so we know you are coming. 🙂


Updated Sept 26, 2018