Jams by Farmerella

Updated March 11th


Apricot-Peach: $ 9.50 – 500 ml jar
Strawberry: $ 8.75 – 500 ml jar Sold out
Strazberry (Strawberry & Raspberry) $ 9.00 – 500 ml jar
$ 9.50 – 500 ml jar
$ 9.25 – 500 ml jar
Wild Peach
(Peach & Wild Blueberry) $ 9.75 – 500 ml jar Nature paired these two flavors by bringing them into season at the same time… yum!
Wild Blueberry
: $ 10.00 – 500 ml jars only


All of Farmerella’s jelly’s are made from 100% pure fruit juice. No water is added or used in the process of preparing these treats.

Bumble of Jelly (Blackberry, Raspberry & Strawberry) $6.00 -250 ml & $11.00 for a 500 ml jar “Royal Jelly” would have been a better name as it is very rich in flavor
Strawberry Jelly:
$ 5.50 – 250 ml  or $ 10.50 – 500 ml
Raspberry Jelly:
$ 6.00 – 250 ml jars only
Wild Grape Jelly: 
$ 6.00 – 250 ml jars only


“Farmerella” started out as a joke twenty odd years ago: Cinderella – Farmerella, giggle, giggle, giggle… Everyone knows that all fairy tails require a prince & a happily ever after, and this garden girl was no exception.  When Farmerella met the Chef, they discovered a mutual passion for food. It didn’t take long to put two and to together to create a magical wonderland North of Bells Corners called Veggie Trail Farms.

The secret ingredient in our jam is Love. It is immeasurable, as is our passion to provide good food and a smackerel of something sweet to tickle your tummy.

Tammy & Steve (AKA Farmerella and the Chef)