Heirloom Tomatoes

2019 will have approx. 170 varieties 

25 Oxheart Varieties

These have few seeds and are great for eating or cooking. In 2019 we have added about 6 varieties of large red, and a couple of new browns & blacks to meet the demand. There are no pictures available.

30 Italian Varieties

Combine any of these Italian varieties with the Ox-hearts and you will discover the best tasting tomato sauce, soup, or sandwich ever! To meed the demand placed on our tomatoes in 2018, we have added several new “determinate” plum varieties to meet the canning needs.

28 Mid-Sized Heirlooms

These are 1/4 to 1 pound in size

33 Heirloom Beefsteak Varieties

This is still a work in progress. In 2018 we had a huge demand for the large sized beefsteaks of all types. In 2019 we have added several new varieties to meet that demand, along with some regular, large red beef varieties.

5 Low Acid Beefsteaks

In 2019 we have added a couple of new ones. One is a large pink ox-heart and the other is a Giant pink beefsteak, and both are reputed to have a low acidity level.

We will update the pictures to include the new varieties at the end of the season. 🙂