The Vegetable stand is now closed, but we continue to fill pre-orders during the winter months.
See the Produce page for details.

We are regenerative farmers, with focus on the health of the soil and our environment. It is our choice to use compost and elbow grease instead of chemical fertilizers & pesticides. We are not certified organic.

Our retail Vegetable Stand located at 3229 Richmond Rd. One set of lights south of Bayshore Shopping Center at the corner of Holly Acres.

This is an areal view of our field off Moodie taken in 2019. Since then we have tripled the size of our gardens, to increase vegetable production.

Veggie Trail Farms is also part of an Ontario & Quebec food hub which supplies local meats, free run eggs, organic dairy and produce which is available 12 months of the year.

Click on Our Gardens for a visual preview and a detailed list of what we grow.

Tammy & Steve
We can be reached at 613-596-2657