Produce Available

-Bulk Tomatoes are slowing down rapidly, so if you haven’t finished your canning please do it soon. They cost $20 for an 11 Qt Basket or 2 for $35. They are well composted, chemical free, vine ripened tomatoes, and they are very tasty. 🙂 Reservations are recommended, or you can take your chance and see what is available.

Every day except Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM



Beans: Yellow, Green, Purple & Rattlesnake. Mix them all together for the ultimate taste 🙂
Beets loose – Red, Gold or Striped
Cabbages: Flat Dutch & Red or Green Ox-hearts
Carrots: Heirlooms & Nantes (orange)
-Fresh Herbs: Mint, Lavage (cutting celery), Parsley, Thyme, Sage, Dill, Cilantro, Chive & Rosemary are ready
Egg Plants: Sable, Shooting Starts, Black Night & Fingers (Purple or Pink)
Garlic – Mixture of Red Russian, Bogatyr, Purple Stripe, Duganski & Music
-Horseradish: Leaves or Roots
-Hot Peppers
– Green, Red & Black
-Onions: White or Yellow Spanish
Peppers: Mini Peppers including lunch box, Green, Yellow & Sweet Purple bells along with Cubanels and Gold & Red roasters
-Potatoes: We are currently digging Kennebec (white) and Chieftain (red)
Raspberries: Yellow are starting this week
-Summer Squash: SUMMER SQUASH – Is slowing down, but we still have Yellow & Green Zucchini, custard & scalped squashes (Summer squash has a soft skin & seeds so you can eat the everything except the vine & flow ends. They do not keep as long as winter squash.)
-Sweet Potatoes: We have started to dig, and they are beautiful. We are growing a mixture of Red, Purple and Orange 🙂
Winter Squash – Has started, but be patient. The cool start to the summer has them a couple of weeks behind. Many need a little more time to ripen fully so they can be stored over the winter. Let’s see Steve brings home from the field this week…
-Tomatoes: All 170 varieties of Heirlooms are gracing the shelves 🙂
-Bulk Tomatoes are now available: $ 20 for an 11 Qt Basket, 2 baskets for $ 35.00 with each additional basket at $ 15. They are slowing down as the nights get cooler. Reservations are recommended, or take your chance and see how many baskets are available.
FARMERELLA‘S JAM  She is having a hard time keeping up, but will make all the varieties in time for the Christmas season.


Honeycrisp, Ginger-gold, Sunrise, Lobo & Paula Red
Blueberries: Wild (Cultivated are over)
-Ground Cherries
Niagara Fruits: Peaches, Bartlett Pears & Blue Plums
-Raspberries: Red + Our yellows are starting this week.
-Tiger Melons (Yellow water melons)

Cherry & Cocktail tomatoes from our gardens
Cucumbers: Straight 8’s, Kirby & Lebanese
Field Tomatoes from Leamington (Ours are just starting)
Heirloom Tomatoes from our gardens
Green Onions
-Lettuce: Red Leaf & Romaine
Sweet Bell Peppers – Red, Green, Orange & Yellow

Beans – as a back up to our own
Beets: Loose gold, and red as a back up to our own
Carrots (Baby Heirloom & Orange)
-Corn on the cob
Onions: Red, White & Spanish
Potatoes: Baby Red as a back up to our own
-Zucchini – Green & Yellow as a back up to our own now that they are slowing down.

Free Run Eggs from BeeKing,
Biemonds organic, all natural, firm set yogurt

MAPLE SYRUP:  1 Liter, 500 ml & 250 ml bottles are now available.

We also have some lovely steak and seafood options in stock. Sale items are on a first come, first served basis while supplies last.


Petit Lobster & Shrimp rolls (24 pack) $ 42.50 pkg
2 LB Bag Cooked Tail on Shrimp (41 -50 count) $ 18.50 bag
6 Oz Islandic Cod Portions $ 6.00 ea
2 x 3 Oz Wild Pickerel Portions $ 5.80 ea
2 x 3 Oz Arctic Char Portions $ 7.75 pkg
5 Oz Ontario Rainbow Trout Portions $ 5.00 ea


10 Oz Steakhouse Strip Steaks – 2 pack, nice and thick
12 Oz Certified Angus Beef – Top Sirloin Steaks – Singles
6 Oz Certified Angus Striploins – 2 Pack

We take pride in our gardens,
and invite you to wander through them
at our home location

It is reported that the best nutrients come by eating vegetables in multiple colors, and the fresher, the better, to boost our vitality. At Veggie Trail we are pleased to report that we have all spectrum’s  of the rainbow growing in our gardens. It is also our philosophy not to use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, choosing instead to use a mixture of compost and a lot of elbow grease to enhance the nutritional value of the produce we grow.

In 2018 we had a very tasty year with 150 varieties of Tomatoes In 2019 we have increased that number to approximately 170, which includes regular BIG red beefsteaks for the sandwich lovers, along with oxhearts & determinate Italian varieties to meet the demand for canning tomatoes.

New vegetables for us in 2019: Include beets, carrots, pink Chinese celery, brocolinni, spinach & Swiss chard, 4 varieties of cabbage, white & Spanish onions, and last but not least, dry cooking beans. Kidney, black, saddle, soldier & pink lady will be harvested late in the season for use during the winter months. We have also partnered up with Maple Hill Farms to provide Sorghum (a tasty, high protein, gluten free grain), and a few other surprises that are still in the works.

Returning vegetables for 2019: Include 8 types Egg Plants, 20 varieties of Sweet Peppers & 10 types of Hot Peppers, Peas & Beans, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, and so many Summer & Winter squashes it will make your eyes pop. 8 Varieties of potato. Fresh Garlic & Herbs which includes Basil, Parsley, Dill, Oregano, Thyme, Winter Savory, Rosemary,  Mint, Chive, Lavage and Horseradish (which should be ready for harvest this year.)

In fruit we have Rhubarb, Black Raspberries, Yellow Raspberries, Black Berries, and Cape Gooseberries.

Yes, it’s a lot of produce, and it will be a handful to manage, but we are diligently working at it. If you click on “Our Gardens” tab at the top of the page, you can have a peak at them.

For the vegetables not listed, we depend on a network of local farms to fill in the gaps. We bring in local Strawberries from the beginning of June all the way to October, along with Red Raspberries from July to October. Wild & Domestic Blueberries from July to September. We also have a driver that goes to the Niagara Region 3 times per week to bring back tree-ripened fruits as they come into season: Cherries, Plums, Apricots, Peaches, Nectarines, and Pears. Early corn usually starts the middle of July (but I think it will be late this year.) When it is ready, it is fresh-picked each morning until the first hard frost. There is an organic grower who backs us up with Carrots & Beets, and a regular supply of Onions, Potatoes, Broccoli, Cauliflower along with all the salad fixings you could imagine throughout the entire growing season.