Produce Available


Closed Sundays & Mondays.
Open Tuesdays 10 – 6, Wednesday evenings 4 – 8 PM,
Thursdays to Saturdays 10 – 6.


From our gardens:
Carrots: both heirloom & orange nantes. Jumbo’s & Regular sizes
-Kale: Red, Green, Black or Mixed
Onions: Yellow or White Spanish
Potatoes: Small red chieftain
Winter Squash: Several Kabocha (medium sized, flat, round) varieties which include amber cup, butter cup, strawberry crown, sweet mama, winter sweet & grey ghost, several Hubbards (Kurri, green, golden, pink & blue), a few Candy Roasters, lots of Hopi &  Okosomin-hopi crosses that are fabulous stuffed, as a soup or just as a roasted veg. Yum! 🙂 Still have acorn and delicata sweet potato squash.

Local produce:
Beets: Golden, Red & Jumbo Red’s
-Cabbages: Red and Green 
both heirloom, orange & jumbo
Celariac or celery root
Red, White & Cooking
Potatoes: Kennebec (white), Red Chieftain, Russets, and Yukon Gold
-Sweet Potatoes

Farmerella’s Jam: Is back in production. Click here to see what is made

Mcgregors Meat & Seafood is our primary carrier. They provide us with Canada AAA and Certified Angus beef, along with several game meats & fish. They connect us to Ocean Wise and the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) who are the top organizations for ensuring that the fisheries of the world are maintained at a sustainable level. They also make sure the fishermen are paid a fair wage and are treated with respect. For this reason, we carry Organic Ocean and Ocean Wise seafood. They provide us with sustainable, ocean-friendly seafood choices.

From time to time, options become available. We never know until they are delivered to our door weather we get them or not, for this reason they are on a come, first served basis.


4 Oz Premium Top Sirloin Steaks  – 2 pack Option price: $ 7.50 / pkg
6 Oz Bacon Wrapped Tenderloins are always $ 14.79 / lb (Aprox $ 12 / pkg)
8 Oz Honey Garlic Top Sirloin Steaks – 2 pack individual portions Option price: $ 14.50 / pkg
10 Oz Striploin Steak – 3 pack (individual portions) Option price: $ 16.50 / pkg


6 Oz Islandic Cod Filets Option price $ 6.00 ea
5 Oz Wild Sockeye Salmon Option price $ 6.50 ea
Wild Caught Cuban Lobster Tails (12 – 14 Oz) Option price $ 22.95 / lb please specify the number of tails you would like to receive.

FREE RUN EGGS from BeeKing,
Biemonds organic, all natural, firm set yogurt

MAPLE SYRUP:  1 Liter, 500 ml & 250 ml bottles are available.