Produce Available

We invite to you click on the tab above to view a list of local meats, eggs & dairy items that are available throughout the year.

All off season produce can be ordered and picked up at Acres House on the specified meat delivery dates, or call ahead to make sure someone is available to serve you. Tammy’s cell# 613-898-7778

APPLES: NOTE: Apples arrive on Wednesday mornings. If you need a bushel, please let us know no later than Monday night.
-Honey Crisp will be ending very soon.
-Macintosh, Cortland, Spartan & Empire are all still available by the bushel, 1/2 bushel, 1/4 bushel or 1/2 peck.

BEETS: RED OR GOLD: are available in 3 lb bags

CARROTS: are available in 5 lb bags
Large orange
-Large heirloom carrots

-Brussel Sprouts
-Green Beans
-Dried Summer Savory
-Fresh Sage
-Fresh Thyme

DAIRY: Biemonds organic, all natural, firm set yogart in 750 gm containers

are always available

GARLIC: while supplies last

HONEY, JAM & MAPLE SYRUP  Farmerella’s Jams


-Yellow Spanish, Yellow & Red Cooking Onions
-Sweet Red & White

PARSNIPS: in 1.5 lb bags

POTATOES: are available by the peck or ½ peck
-Yukon Gold or Russet
-Spuds from our garden

SWEET POTATOES (JUMBO): are available by the pound



WINTER SQUASH: Butternut, Buttercup, Acorn, Coronation & Delecta (Sweet Potato Squash)

Our pledge to you, our customers, is to provide you with the best produce available, with priority being chemical free, and naturally grown. Some of the farms we deal with are not organic, but they are conscientious of the environment and use fertiliser and pesticides only when necessary.